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Welcome to the Tj's World Wiki, the ultimate information database focused on TjsWorld2011 of GoAnimate fame's fanon series Tj's World. Just a note, everything you see on this wiki is entirely fake. So don't get tricked into thinking it's real. Also, Tj's World is ABSOLUTELY NOT a Greenytoon (shows like Greeny Phatom and Gree City) and nobody has a right to say it is. And this is coming from the official creator of the series. Thank you.



  1. No swearing or inappropriate attire here.
  2. If you see any sockpuppet accounts (i.e. Pingux2012, other stickmen accounts, Greecity2011 and his alts, Alexjake14, "King of this Wiki" and spammers from Greenytoons or any other wikis) please report to Tjdrum2000 IMMEDIATELY.
  3. Vandalism is outlawed on this wiki. If you vandalize a page and/or vandalize other pages, you will be blocked. And absolutely NO Wikia contributors looking for a wiki to spam.
  4. PLEASE do not spam the categories of every page by putting the title of this wiki in as a category, because it is unnecessary.
  5. If you violate ANY of these rules, you will be blocked from the wiki. If you do something very, VERY bad (i.e. vandalize too many pages or vandalize one page too many times), you may get a block for up to 20 years.

Editing notes

  1. Tjdrum2000 (TjsWorld2011) does not like or hate Brickleberry.


Check out Tj's World Wiki News, a news page about some of the events happening on this wiki.

NOTE: I may not be updating the page a lot because I'm too busy on other things to document all of the events that have happened on the wiki. --Tjdrum2000/TjsWorld2011

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