"The Revenge of ChrisandZane"
Tj's World episode
Episode name pun on: {{{Pun}}}
Episode no. Season 9
Episode 2b
Original airdate June 9, 2007
Written by TjsWorld2011
Directed by Gillislooloo


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"Summer Fun" "The Big Race"

The Revenge of ChrisandZane is an episode from Season 9 and the sequel to the Season 5 episode "The Illegal Jtmurd". It first aired on June 9, 2007.



Eric and Brian chatting.

When ChrisandZane is let out of jail, he decides to get revenge on the boys by making a rip-off out of them. That day, talks a cast of people (along with Brian Bland) into starring on his show, and all of them say yes but Brian. He then says he'll give him $2,000 if he works on the show, and he says no way. But then ChrisandZane says he'll choke him if he doesn't star in the show, and Brian sadly says yes.

The next morning, Tjdrum is flipping through channels when he comes across the show. He says to Ccmater2 that he can't believe this, and he has to find out who did it. So they sit through the whole show until the credits come on, and when ChrisandZane's name is shown, Tjdrum is enraged when he finds out about this. He says that he has to get the show cancelled, so he books a flight to Hollywood, California in order to stop the show from recording its first season. Then, an announcer says that the creator of the show will be making an appearance at Brian Bland's birthday party, which is on October 18th. Tj mentions that Brian is one of his friends, so when they get there, him, Cc, Agentpeddle, and Peace Girl will try to get ChrisandZane arrested.

The next day, they go to the airport and get on the plane. When they arrive in California, Cc hails a cab for the group to get in. They drive over to Brian's house, and they knock on the door. Brian answers the door, and Tj greets him. He tells him that he's part of his "plagiarizing lives" plan by starring on the show. Brian mentions that Tj is right, because ChrisandZane said that he'd choke him if he didn't star on it. Anyway, Brian lets the group come into his house and leads them to the backyard, where the party is being held. They all get chocolate cake and sit down, as the presentation is about to start. When ChrisandZane comes out onto the stage, he spots Tj and the others. He quickly introduces himself and says that a "brief intermission" will commence. He sneaks away from the stage and gets out his phone to call the police. He makes up a lie by saying, "911, there's a very crazy party going on up here at 5167 Sycamore Street". The police says that they'll come over right away.

When the police arrives, ChrisandZane points to Tj and the others and says "They started it". The policemen come over to Tj and ask him if he's done anything suspicous, while ChrisandZane sneaks out to the GoKart lane (which was supposed to be a present for Brian), grabs the lifelike firetruck, and proceeds to drive away. Before the policemen can finish the conversation, Cc spots ChrisandZane about to drive away, so Tj quickly finishes the conversation and heads to the GoKart lane with the others. Each of them pick a car under the tarp, and Agentpeddle is dissapointed to get the pink car, which is the only one left. They drive out of the GoKart lane and onto the street.


Agentpeddle driving in front of ChrisandZane.

Agentpeddle is driving too fast in which he comes past ChrisandZane, who takes this opportunity to shoot down Agentpeddle with a blaster. One of the lasers hits a sewer cap in the street, causing one of the firetruck's wheels to get caught in the hole, sending ChrisandZane flying. He lands on the back of Agentpeddle's car. Before ChrisandZane can get him, he shoots the firetruck with his blaster, angering ChrisandZane. He throws Agentpeddle off of the car, taking control of it.

ChrisandZane's last-ditch effort to get away.

He passes by the police, who spot him trying to get away. He parks by the playpark near the streetlight and proceeds on foot. When two policemen are behind and in front of him, he finally gets caught by them and gets handcuffed. He is taken to the California Correctional Center, then Tjdrum and friends arrive. Tj spots the police car driving away, then says that they did it. Cc suggests for a celebration, they should have some more chocolate cake. Everyone else laughs, and the episode ends



  • The scene where ChrisandZane smashes an axe through the door of Peace Girl's room and then sticks his head out saying "HEEEEEEERE'S ZANEY." is a reference to the 1980 film The Shining.