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"Ericopalypse Now"
Tj's World episode
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Episode no. Season 15
Episode 13
Original airdate July 27, 2013
Written by TjsWorld2011


Directed by TjsWorld2011
Episode chronology
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"Tj Vs. The Game" "No Water in 123 Tj's World?"

Ericopalypse Now is a one-hour special of Tj's World and the season finale of Season 15. It first aired on July 27, 2013.


The episode starts with Tjdrum's car arriving at Target, with him, Ccmater2, Eric Cartman and Peace Girl in the car. Tj says they are here to get everyone some caps and t-shirts. Once he gets a cart, he and the others go inside and start looking for some t-shirts. Cc finds a Star Wars shirt saying "I'm in it for the money", while Peace Girl finds a shirt that says "Reality Maker", and Tj finds a blue and red NBA cap. While they are looking at items, Cartman sneaks off to the bathroom and grabs the phone from outside the restroom. He calls Stan Marsh and tells him he's going to start "The Breakup". Stan warns him not to do it, but Cartman hangs up and sneaks back to the group. Tj asks him where he was, meaning that he noticed he was gone. Cartman says that he was getting ready to do "this", and basically he kicks over the wall of clothes and tries to punch Tj in the face. Tj succeeds in shoving him down, making him knock down the cap stand. Cartman gets back up and tries to punch him even more. Tj shoves him even harder, making Cartman give up and run away. Tj, Cc and Peace Girl go after him, and Cartman gets into a bus to the airport. Realizing they can't catch up to him yet, they decide to go home and get help.

At Tj's house, Agentpeddle, along with MJ and Kirby come in, and Tj talks to Agentpeddle about what happened on the couch. Tj then asks Agentpeddle if he can show them where they are. Agentpeddle says yes, and all of them drive off to the police station. When they get there, Cc tells the receptionist what happened. Tj and Agentpeddle tell Cc to come with them, and Cc comes to where they are, which is the elevator to advanced forces. 

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TjsWorld2011 was questioned about why he and the team made the episode. He said, "Well, since I don't want to hurt the South Park fans' feelings by saying anything, let's just say that we were bored and wanted something dramatic to change in the Tj's World universe.". The episode was originally going to be titled "Tjdrum and the Battle with Eric Cartman", as seen on one of the promotional posters for the special, but was later changed to Ericopalypse Now due to a grammar error made by the marketing agency.


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