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The following is a transcript of Y-Guy and Tj's World: Crossing Dimensions.

Part 1

(Shows TjsWorld2011 Pictures logo)

(Shows Family Fanon Favorites Entertainment logo)

Text: TjsWorld2011 Pictures presents

Text: In association with Family Fanon Favorites Entertainment 

Text: A Tj's World and Y-Guy Special

(Shows the special's logo zooming out until it is gone, a la The Powerpuff Girls Movie)

(Pans right from behind a glass building in Crazville)

(Camera zooms to Professor Zing-Whatt's lab, where we see Professor Zing-Whatt using a telescope. We then see that the telescope has long arms attached to it, which reach out into space. In space, we see that the arms are holding two stars.)

Professor Zing-Whatt: little slip-up and they could both explode, and my experiment would be ruined.

(We cut back to space, where we see the two arms slowly attempting to make the two stars collide)

Professor Zing-Whatt: Dang it, the chemicals in the stars are somehow causing them to not connect properly! Guess I better go to Plan B, although it could be catastrophic.

(We cut back to space where we see the two arms attempting to make the two stars collide faster. We then see the telescope vibrate and malfunction)

Professor Zing-Whatt: Argh, the telescope can't handle this much pressure! I have no other option but to go to Plan C! 

(We see one of the arms flick the star it was holding into the other star, causing them both to collide, and nothing happens)

Professor Zing-Whatt:...That's it? I spent hours putting 45 kilometer arms on this telescope just for THAT? 

(The two stars then begin to shake violently)

Professor Zing-Whatt: Huh?

(The two stars then explode. The Earth then begins to shake as part of a chain reaction from the explosion)

Professor Zing-Whatt: Crud, it's an earthquake!

(The Earthquake stops after a few seconds. Professor Zing-Whatt then quickly goes back to the telescope, only to see it partly destroyed.)

Professor Zing-Whatt: *Sighs* Well, guess I have to use a destroyed telescope.

(We then go to the telescope's point of view, as we see a giant rip in space)

Professor Zing-Whatt: Wow...incredible! This is a scientific miracle!

(The next day, we see various newspapers about the rip in space)

(We see that Y-Guy and Mango are reading the newspaper)

Y-Guy: A rip in space? That sounds awesome!

Mango: I know! And who knows what is in the rip? An alternate dimension, another planet? The possibilities just go on!

(Suddenly, Y-Guy's cellphone vibrates)

Y-Guy: Huh? Oh, it's from Zing-Whatt.

Mango: Since when have you had a cellphone?

Y-Guy: Remember when we had to save the cellphone planet from the magic monkeys?

Mango: Oh yeah. That was a weird day.

(Y-Guy answers the call)

Y-Guy: Hello?

Professor Zing-Whatt: It's me. Gather your friends and meet me at my lab. It's important.

Y-Guy: Is it about the rip in space?

Professor Zing-Whatt: No, it's about my burnt toast...Just kidding, of course it's about the rip! See you later. *Hangs up*

Y-Guy: *Puts cellphone away* She wants us to get Hearty, Gum and Cool Dude and meet her at her lab.

Mango: Well, let's roll!

(The two run off)

(They arrive at Hearty's house)

(Y-Guy knocks on the door)

(Hearty opens the door)

Hearty: What's up?

Mango: Zing-Whatt wants us. It's got something to do with the gigantic rip in space.

Hearty: Oh yeah, I know about that. My family thinks that it will cause the end of the world or something.


Hearty: I'll be back soon, mom! I'm getting...uhh...zombie hunting stuff!


(Hearty closes the door)

Hearty: Good thing my mom is gullible. Now then, let's get Gum and Cool Dude.

(The three walk off)

(They arrive at Gum's house)

(Mango knocks on the door)

Gum's Mom: *opens door* Hello? Oh, it's Gum's friends. Gum is in his room hiding.

Mango: He must be hiding from the rip in space.

Y-Guy: *Sighs* Typical Gum. Always a coward.

(We cut to the three dragging Gum outside)


(The four arrive at Cool Dude's house)

(Hearty knocks on the door)

(Cool Dude opens the door)

Cool Dude: Sup'?

Hearty: Professor Zing-Whatt needs us. It has something to do with the portal.

Cool Dude: Portal, eh? Fine, I'll go. I'll bet I can make that rip in space cooler.

(The five then run off to Professor Zing-Whatt's lab)

(At Professor Zing-Whatt's lab)

Y-Guy: So, Professor, it was you who caused all that?

Professor Zing-Whatt: Yes, it was. I was experimenting with two stars, and when they both collided at a high velocity, they both exploded, and the chemicals from the explosion somehow caused a rip in space. And now Crazville is going completely nuts about it. They think that it will cause something dangerous, and since I'm to blame for all of this, they'll put me in jail. So that's why I'm tasking you guys to go into the rip and see what's in there.

Gum: But what if it IS something spooky and dangerous?!

Professor Zing-Whatt: Trust me, it's not. I'm the scientist here.

Hearty: Then why don't you just tell everyone that the rip is safe?

Professor Zing-Whatt: They won't believe me because they think that I intentionally made the rip to cause the end of the world. The authorities here are really dumb. They'll believe a bunch of twelve-year olds, but they won't believe a flipping professional scientist-...Uhh, sorry. I kinda went off there. The reason why you guys have to go in there is because the people of Crazville trust you guys because you always stop villains and what-not. Plus, they need evidence that you were there.

Cool Dude: Well, if you know what's in the rip, can you tell us?

Professor Zing-Whatt: That would spoil the suprise, now wouldn't? Trust me guys, it's safe.

Mango: Well, alright. We'll go.

Professor Zing-Whatt: Excellent. Now then, to the Zing-Whatt Mobile!

The Gang:...What?

Professor Zing-Whatt: Sorry, I've always wanted to say that. To the spaceship!

(They all get inside the spaceship)

(Eventually, the spaceship arrives at the rip)

Gum: Soo, how will we get back to Crazville?

Professor Zing-Whatt: Just give me a call. I'll find you guys, then we'll head back and you guys can tell that the rip is harmless.

Y-Guy: Sounds like a plan!

(A long platform appears below the spaceship, and the platform stops where the rip is)

Y-Guy: Well, here we go!

Mango: Wish us luck!

(The gang exit the spaceship and walk on the platform. Before walking into the rip, they stare at it for a few seconds)

Gum: I'm starting to have seconds thoughts on this..

Cool Dude: You always have seconds thoughts on EVERYTHING!

Gum: Yeah, well at least I don't wear lame sunglasses all the time-

Hearty: *Lightly punches Gum and Cool Dude* Gentlemen, now is not the time for an argument. We have a rip to explore!

Gum and Cool Dude: Fiiiine.

Y-Guy: ...Well, here goes nothing....

(Y-Guy enters the rip and the rest of the gang follow)

(Shows some more professional looking clouds, then pans down through more clouds until we reach 123 Tj's World, Florida, then the camera pans right through some colored houses and stops at a dark blue house, which is Tjdrum's house)

(Fades to Tjdrum talking on his phone)

Tjdrum: Yes, my parents in Atlanta paid our cable fine...No, I didn't contact them if they did before they called me...uh-huh. Bye. (hangs up)

(Ccmater2 comes down the stairs)

Ccmater2: Who was that?

Tj: That was the cable company. They were calling me because they needed to know if my parents handled the cable fee.

Cc: Okay. Say, it's quite peaceful today, don't you think?

Tj: Yeah...(goes to their backyard through the sliding door) It's also really quiet...too quiet.

Cc: What? Come on, what's wrong with quiet?

Tj: What's wrong is that.

Cc: ...Are you going to continue, or...

Tj: That's it.

Cc: Oh. 

Tj: (looks up into sky) Hey, do you see that black spot in the sky too?

Cc: you think both of our vision is getting damaged?

Tj: No, and both of us don't need to wear glasses, think that's some sort of vortex to another dimension?

Cc: ...No. It's probably an airplane.

Tj: Come on, we face off against Santed Sailor and Jtmurd everyday. What else could it be? (Both of them walk inside)

(Cuts to the rip in the sky)

(Y-Guy and the gang fall out)



Mango: I DON'T KNOW!!!




Mango: WE'RE DEAD!!! WE'RE DEA--

(The Gang is hit by an airplane and is split up)


(Y-Guy, Gum and Hearty land in the bushes in a park)

Y-Guy: ...Did we land in the bushes?

Hearty: Y-Yeah...Hey, where are Mango and Cool Dude?

Gum: And where are we?

(Cuts to Mango and Cool Dude on the roof of Tj's house)

(Both jump back up)

Mango: Where are we?!

Cool Dude: And what is this blue thing?

(Zooms out showing the whole house)

Mango: Cool Dude, it's a house. Well, now I guess we can confirm that the rip is safe. Now let's GO!

Cool Dude: Wait...where is the rip, anyway?

Mango: Up there. (he gestures to the rip in the sky)

Cool Dude: Well, we can't just fly into the I guess we're stuck here.

Mango: Okay, first thing's first, this is a different dimension so people are gonna think we're aliens. We need to find a place where we can stay hidden.

Cool Dude: We should get down first.

Mango: Yeah...I'm afraid that the drop is gonna be pretty low. On three...One...

Cool Dude: Two...

Mango: THREE!!!

(The two jump down and land on the second story rafters by Tj, Cc and Peace Girl's bedrooms)

Mango and Cool Dude: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH....?

Mango: ...Must be a two-story house. (sees the windows of the bedrooms) Hey! Some bedrooms! We can hide in there! But we gotta find a way to get inside.

Cool Dude: Okay! I'll jab our way inside!

Mango: NO, DON'T DO--(Cool Dude breaks the glass) ...that. Wait! Now we can get inside! I can't believe I'm saying this, but thanks, Cool Dude.

Cool Dude: Anytime, Mango, anytime.

(Mango and Cool Dude get inside Tj's room)

Mango: Wow, this place is great! They have a poster for some guy in a red and white uniform and it says..."ATLANTA BRAVES". And he's holding a bat. Must be baseball.

(The two hear footsteps)

Mango and Cool Dude: Someone's coming!

(They split up as Mango hides in a drawer of jeans and Cool Dude hides in Tj's closet)

(Cuts to the hallway where the footsteps are revealed to be Peace Girl's)

(Tj comes up the stairs to where Peace Girl is from the bathroom)

Tj: Sis!

Peace Girl: What is it?

Tj: I was just in the bathroom and I heard a thump coming from the roof.

Peace Girl: Really? You think there might be aliens?

Tj: No, that's impossible. (Opens the door to his room) Everyone knows that there's no such thing as--

(Zooms out outside the broken window)

Tj: Aliens.

Peace Girl: What happened to your window? (Tj doesn't respond so Peace Girl snaps her fingers and Tj comes out of paralization) I said, what happened to your window?

Tj: I don't know. Like I said, I was in the bathroom. Wait! It could be some criminals who did this. I'm gonna search the room for them, you stay outside.

Peace Girl: Okay. (steps outside)

Tj: Okay, the first place a criminal would hide is obviously the closet. (walks to the closet and opens the door) Better check if they're hiding in one of my shirts. (Checks all of his shirts but they are empty) Where could they be? (puts his hand on the door frame)

Cool Dude (hiding on the closet shelf): Yes! (starts rolling off the shelf) No, no, no...

Tj: *gasps* Oh, I got you, y--(Cool Dude falls on his head) ...thief. (faints)

(Shows Tj on the floor unconscious)

Mango: (comes out of drawer) What just happened? And who's he?

Cool Dude: Uh...I think I might have...knocked him out. (covers his body and nothing happens, but then Mango throws Tj's Game Boy Advance at him)

Mango: Why would you do that?! When he wakes up, he's gonna see us and think we're aliens!

Cool Dude: It's not my fault! It was my--

Mango: Coolness? I didn't think so.

Cool Dude: No. My roundness!

Mango: We have to hide somewhere else. And it's not the bathroom.

(Cuts to the washing machine, which Cool Dude and Mango are inside)

Cool Dude: Why do we have to hide in here?

Mango: It's the only place where those people can't find us.

Cool Dude: I don't know about this,'s getting sort of wet...and I'm so hungry...

(Cuts to Tj coming out of his room)

Tj: Ugh...what happened?

Peace Girl: Did you get shot in the head or something?

Tj: No...I think something fell on me.

(Shows a split screen with the current scene on top and Mango and Cool Dude on the bottom)

Peace Girl: I gotta get the laundry out of the washing machine. Let me know if you see anything.

(Cuts to just Mango and Cool Dude)

Mango: Did you hear that?!

Cool Dude: We're doomed...

(Shows Peace Girl opening the washing machine and getting some clothes out, but then she stops and turns around and sees Mango and Cool Dude in the washing machine)

Peace Girl: AAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! (Runs away from the washing machine and starts going upstairs)

(During this, the "Panic Pit" music from Mario and Luigi: Dream Team plays)

Tj: (notices Peace Girl running outside) Peace Girl, where are you going?!

(Peace Girl keeps running until she reaches Agentpeddle's house. She pounds on the door and Agentpeddle opens it for her.)

Peace Girl: WHERE ARE THE KEYS TO YOUR WEAPON SAFE?!! (Runs upstairs)

Agentpeddle: What is going on, Peace Girl?!

Peace Girl: I need something to shoot with.

Agentpeddle: What?! Peace Girl, you're 14 years old! You can't use guns!

Peace Girl: I know, but this is an emergency!!

Agentpeddle: Really? What is it?

Peace Girl: It's the aliens...they're here.

Agentpeddle: Hey, the wipes in my bathroom may smell weird, but they're still normal.

Peace Girl: Not that! They're in the washing machine at my house.

Agentpeddle: Fine. I suppose I can help find these "aliens" for you.

(Cuts to them arriving at Tj's house. Agentpeddle rings the doorbell, and Tj opens the door.)

Tj: Oh, hi, Agentpeddle. Peace Girl, why did you run away from the house?

Peace Girl: Because there are aliens in our house!

(Tj stays still for a second and then immediately facepalms)

Tj: So now you're in on it?!

Peace Girl: Yes...

Tj: Agentpeddle, why are you with Peace Girl?

Agentpeddle: Because I'm helping her track down these "aliens".

(Tj facepalms again)

Tj: ...Whatever. We just need to found out whatever is going on around here, and fast, because my face is getting red from facepalming.

(Transitions to them waiting in the laundry room)

Tj: So...what are we waiting for?

Peace Girl: I don't know.

Agentpeddle: *sigh*...Let's just get this over with.

(Cuts to Mango and Cool Dude still in the washing machine)

Mango: Is it safe to go out yet?

Cool Dude: I don't know...I heard some footsteps..

(Mango hears a gun click)

Mango: Did you hear that?

Cool Dude: Yeah...Let's go!

Mango: WAIT--

(Cool Dude jumps out of the washing machine, startling Agentpeddle, who has a blaster in hand)

Agentpeddle: ACK!!! ALIEN!!!

(He accidentally fires his blaster, and the laser coming from it goes about the room and lands on the washing machine, blowing a big hole in it and revealing Mango. Cool Dude also falls back into the washing machine.)

Peace Girl: (notices Cool Dude) ANOTHER ALIEN!! GET IT!!!

Mango: Okay, okay, there's a good explamation for all of this...

Agentpeddle: Really? Then explain why you're both aliens!

Mango: What?! We're not aliens! We're from Crazville, U.W.!

Tj: "Crazville, U.W."? Never heard of it.

Cool Dude: Oh, right. We're from another dimension, so..

(The doorbell rings)

Mango: Who's that?

(Mango and Cool Dude run upstairs, and Tj, Peace Girl and Agentpeddle follow)

Tj: Awkward.

Mango: ...Why am I not suprised? Awkward hasn't shown up.

Tj: Wait, who's Awkward?

Mango: Long story.

(Commercial break)

(Mango and Cool Dude open the door, which Y-Guy, Hearty and Gum are behind)

Mango: Hey, Y-Guy!

Y-Guy: Hey, Mango! What happened with you guys?

Cool Dude: Well, we landed on this blue thing which turned out to be a house, and we were almost sort of attacked by these people, but they turned out to be nice. Who are you guys?

Tj: I'm Tjdrum, this is my sister Peace Girl, and this is one of our friends Agentpeddle.

Cool Dude: Okay. Y-Guy, Tj, Peace Gi--Wait, Tj already introduced you. Eh, whatever.

Mango: What happened with you guys?

Y-Guy: Well, we got stuck in a park, and we had to fight our way out.

Mango: "Fight our way out"? What do you mean?

(Cuts to Y-Guy, Hearty and Gum in the park bushes in a previous scene)

Y-Guy: Okay, we're going to have to fight our way out of this. On my count, 1, 2, 3!!

(They run out of the bushes and someone notices them)

Citizen: ALIENS!!!

Various people: ALIENS?! ALIENS??? ALIENS!!!

(They all run about in panic, and one of them hijacks a news van and drives it away)

(Cuts back to the current scene)

Cool Dude: Oh, that's what you mean.

Mango: Wait, are you saying that some people might have noticed you?

Y-Guy: Maybe...

Mango: Tj, could you check the news?

Tj: Sure.

(Tj, Peace Girl, Y-Guy and Mango run to the living room, and Tj turns on the TV and turns on ABC8)

ABC8 Newsman: And in other news, some supposed "aliens" were found in the park on Condors Avenue earlier today, reported to be green, red and pink. More on this story on ABC8 news at six--(The hijacked news van from the park scene is heard crashing through the wall offscreen) Wait, what's going on--(sees the news van) OH GOOD LORD! GO TO COMMERCIAL!! GO TO COMMERCIA--

(His last line is cut off by the news van crashing into him, and the SMPTE color bars are seen. We cut back to Tj, Peace Girl, Y-Guy and Mango with shocked looks on their faces.)

Mango: Oh no...what are we going to do?!

Tj: Relax, I'll just go to the news and clear this all up.

Agentpeddle (offscreen): Uh..guys?

(Tj and Peace Girl run back to where Agentpeddle is)

Agentpeddle: There's a bunch of news people outside.

(Shows an outside view of the house with various news crews from CBS5, FOX6 and NBC10 and their news vans and then we cut back to inside the house)

Tj: Alright, I'll go outside and fix this.

(Tj goes outside, and then we cut to a view of a newsman from FOX6 in front of the house through a camera with a FOX6 news overlay onscreen)

FOX6 Newsman: (sees Tj coming out and signals the offscreen cameraman follow him to Tj) Go, go! (The cameraman and the newsman go towards Tj) It seems that we have spotted someone coming out from the house the alleged aliens have evacuated. So, what's your name?

Tj: Tjdrum.

FOX6 Newsman: Okay, and what is going on with these aliens that may be in your house?

Tj: Well, first, they're not aliens, but I don't have a clue on what they really are.

FOX6 Newsman: Should we take a look at what we--I mean, you're dealing with?

Tj: I guess so...

FOX6 Newsman: Then release the aliens! Huh, there's something that should be said on the news.

(Tj opens the door)

Tj: Hey, Y-Guy, Mango, Hearty, come out here.

(Shows two cameramen from NBC10 near their news van watching)

NBC10 Newsman #1: I can't watch...

(Y-Guy, Mango and Hearty walk out, and we cut back to the NBC10 cameramen)

(NBC10 Newsman #1 gasps and faints, and then gets back up)

NBC10 Newsman #1: Oh, I thought I was watching Alien.

NBC10 Newsman #2: Why would you think that?

NBC10 Newsman #1: My therapist says that I have problems relating to my iPad...

FOX6 Newsman: That ABC guy was right! They're the exact same colors he said! So, what are your names?

Y-Guy: Y-Guy, Mango and Hearty.

FOX6 Newsman: And where exactly did you come from?

Y-Guy: Crazville, U.W.

(We see a CBS5 newsman taking out a map, trying to find Crazville)

CBS5 Newsman: Nope, no "Crazville, U.W." on here.

FOX6 Newsman: Tell me, are you all really aliens?

Mango: No, where did you get that idea fro--Oh.

FOX6 Newsman: Well, I guess we can confirm that these beings are safe. Back to you in the studio, Jen.

(All of the news crews leave)

Peace Girl: Well, I'm glad all of this got cleared up. Let's go back inside.

(They all go back inside)

Tj: So, where exactly is Crazville?

Y-Guy: Well, you don't really see it on the map's in another dimension.

Agentpeddle: Really? How did you get here anyway?

(They all start to walk offscreen)

Y-Guy: Well, it's a long story.

(Cuts back to Professor ZIng-Whatt in the spaceship, still waiting by the rip)

Professor Zing-Whatt: I sure hope those five are okay.

(The rip starts to turn bright red)

Professor Zing-Whatt: What...?

(She inches the spaceship closer to the rip, and we see that the two dimensions are slowly moving into each other)

Professor Zing-Whatt: Oh no...

(Commercial break)

Part 2

(Shows Tj's house, and the doorbell rings and Tj opens the door. Y-Guy and his friends are behind it.)

Tj: Hi, guys!

Y-Guy: Hi, Tj!

Tj: So, how was the hotel?

Mango: It was great. The service there was pretty good.

Tj: Why are you guys here?

Y-Guy: Oh, just wanted to say hi.

Cool Dude: Plus the washing machine you have looks pretty roomy, and I would like to relax in it once more.

Mango: Cool Dude, the washing machine's basically a death spiral.

Cool Dude: Oh, I forgot.

(The Nokia ringtone is heard coming from Y-Guy's phone, inside his pocket. Y-Guy takes the phone out and answers it.)

Y-Guy: Hello?

Professor Zing-Whatt: How is it in there? Is it safe?

Y-Guy: Yeah, it's safe. There's a whole different dimension in here, and there are these people who became our friends whose names are Tjdrum, Peace Girl, Ccmater2 and Agentpeddle. Want to speak to them?

Professor Zing-Whatt: No time for that. We have an emergency. The rip that I'm still waiting by right now just turned red.

Y-Guy: And what does that mean?

Professor Zing-Whatt: I believe it means the dimensions may be on a collision course for each other.

Y-Guy: What?!

Professor Zing-Whatt: It's true. My calculations clearly state that if it turns red, that must mean that they could crash into each other.

Y-Guy: Alright, I'll break the news. (hangs up) Guys, Professor Zing-Whatt just called, and she said that both of our dimensions, ours and Tj's are about to crash into each other!

Mango, Hearty, Gum and Cool Dude: WHAT?!!

Tj: Who's Professor Zing-Whatt?

Mango: Long story.

Hearty: What are we going to do?!

Y-Guy: I'll think of something.

Tj: I have to break the news to the others. Peace Girl, Cc! Come down here!

(Peace Girl and Cc come downstairs)

Cc: What is it?

Tj: We've got a problem.

Peace Girl: Okay, it wasn't me, it was the lipstick company. It's their fault we ran out of money, I keep wanting to buy all of their products!

Tj: Calm down, Peace Girl, that didn't happen.

Peace Girl: Oh, thank goodness.

Tj: What DID happen--or is going happen is that our dimension is going to crash into Y-Guy's dimension!

Peace Girl and Cc: WHAT???

Tj: Y-Guy's friend Professor Zing-Whatt called, and she said so!

Cc: What are we gonna do about this?! Our dimensions can't collide right now! I haven't even gotten engaged!

Tj: Don't worry, Cc, we'll fix this.

Y-Guy: But how? We can't just build two spaceships and stop the dimensions from crashing into each other!

Tj: ...Actually, we can.

Y-Guy: How? We don't have anything we can use to build them!

Tj: Yeah, but my friend has some materials to build them! See, who says we can't make two spaceships and pull the dimensions apart?

Y-Guy: I did.

Tj: Oh, right.

(Cuts to SpawnColor's garage)

SpawnColor (offscreen): I knew you all would come here to enlist me for my help.

(Cuts to inside the garage, with SpawnColor, Tj, Peace Girl, Cc and The Gang)

SpawnColor: But who are your friends?

Tj: Oh. SpawnColor, this is Y-Guy, and these are his friends, Mango, Hearty, Gum and Cool Dude. They're from another dimension which is about to crash into ours, and we need your help. But the question is: how did you know that we would need your help?

SpawnColor: Well, I saw that the sky was turning pretty dark, which I believe meant that--

Tj: The dimensions are about to crash into each other?

SpawnColor: I was going to say there was a solar eclipse about to occur and you needed me to give you some protectional glasses, but now I know the truth, so, you're correct. Anyway, what exactly do you need me to help you with?

Tj: Well, we need some materials to build two spaceships so we can stop our dimensions from crashing into each other. Do you have anything?

SpawnColor: Well, I have some titanium panels, some rocket boosters, some windshields, and some other things. What else do you want?

Tj: I think that's all we need.

(Transitions to all of them in the garage later with two spaceships; blue and green)

Cc: Well, it took six hours, but we've finally built two spaceships!

Mango: Now we can use it to pull our dimensions away from each other!

Tj: So, how will this work?

SpawnColor: Well, there's a button on the control panel in both ships that activates the mangetizers that you put inside. The magnetizers will come out of the ships and you all will use them to pull the dimensions away from each other. Tj, Cc, Peace Girl, you'll go into the blue spaceships. Y-Guy, Mange, Heart, Gum, Cool Dude, you'll go into the green spaceships.

Mango: You got our names wrong.

Hearty: Yeah.

SpawnColor: Whatever. Guys, get in your ships. It's wrangling time.

Peace Girl: "Wrangling time"...I never thought someone would say that.

Tj: Come on, let's go!

(Everyone gets into their ships. We see the garage door opening, showing the two ships. Tj and Y-Guy both press buttons on their ships, starting the ignition. Both of their ships fly out of the garage and into the sky. SpawnColor watches Tj's ship fly away.)

SpawnColor: Good luck, Tj.

(Commercial break)

(Shows one of the city streets with some citizens in it. One of them notices the red sky.)

Citizen #1: Anyone else notice that the sky is red?

Citizen #2: Now that you mention it, yeah.

(Shows the rip in space getting larger than usual, meaning that the dimensions are getting closer to each other)

Citizen #1: (Sees the giant rip) Oh my god, what is that?!

Various People: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!

(They all run about the streets. Some people tip over a hot dog cart near the sidewalk in panic.)

(Cuts to the two spaceships arriving at the rip and then cuts to Tj, Cc and Peace Girl in the cockpit)

Tj: (radios to Y-Guy's ship) Okay, is everyone all set?

Y-Guy: (radios to Tj's ship) Ready. But first...(calls Professor Zing-Whatt on his phone) Hey, Professor.

Professor Zing-Whatt: Who are your friends?

Y-Guy: These are the people I told you about. Agentpeddle isn't with them, however.

Professor Zing-Whatt: Are you two here to keep the dimensions from crashing into each other?

Y-Guy: Yeah, Tj's friend SpawnColor helped us build these ships that hold magentizers we'll use to pull the dimensions away from each other.

Professor Zing-Whatt: Good. Best of luck to you, Y-Guy.

Y-Guy: Thanks, Professor. (hangs up) Alright, let's do this!

(Tj and Y-Guy press a button on their control panels that lower out their magnetizers. They then press a button which activates both of their magnetizers. The rays from the magnetizers grip the two dimensions on different sides of the rip.)

Cc: This had better work...

(Tj and Y-Guy grab the control sticks near the control panels, which control the rotation and movement of the dimensions)

Tj: So, we've got the dimensions, now what should we do?

Y-Guy: We should move them and let go of them while we're doing it. It'll be like throwing them.

Tj: Let's do it, then!

(They both move the dimensions away from each other and let them go. Their goal has finally been achieved. The dimensions have been set apart from each other.)

(We cut back to the street from the previous scene, where a lot of the citizens are cheering, and then cut back to the ships in space)

Mango: That was awesome!

(Y-Guy's phone rings, and he answers it. It is Professor Zing-Whatt.)

Y-Guy: Thanks...Oh. I'll tell the others. (hangs up) Guys, we have to go home now. Our parents have been worried about us because we've been gone for a day.

Hearty: Really?

Y-Guy: Yeah. (radios to Tj) Tj, that was great what you--I mean we did.

Tj: Thanks.

Y-Guy: Well, we have to go now. Our parents are worried sick about us being gone.

Tj: that case, it's been great having you here.

Y-Guy: Thanks, Tj.

Y-Guy (to the rest of The Gang): Come on guys, Professor's got the platform loaded.

Hearty: I can't wait to tell my mom she was wrong..

Cool Dude: Me too.

(They walk outside, jump onto the platform and into Professor Zing-Whatt's ship, which drives away into Y-Guy's dimension)

(Cuts to Tj's cockpit, and Cc and Peace Girl come to Tj)

Cc: What just happened?

Tj: Y-Guy and his friends left.

Peace Girl: Oh.

Tj: ...Well, time to go home.

(Tj drives the ship back to his dimension's Earth as Y-Guy's ship is abandoned in space. We then fade to SpawnColor's garage. Tj's ship lands inside, and he and Cc and Peace Girl come out.)

SpawnColor: You're back! Are you guys okay?

Tj: We're fine.

SpawnColor: Did you stop the dimensions from crashing into each other?

Tj: Yeah.

Cc: You should've seen it. It was amazing.

SpawnColor: Well, you returned my spaceships--at least one of them. I'm taking it down now if that's okay.

Tj: It's fine, SpawnColor. We're going home now. See you later.

SpawnColor: Bye. (Tj, Cc and Peace Girl walk out of the garage) Now, which part of the spaceship did they put that magnetizer in?

(Cuts to Tj, Cc and Peace Girl arriving at their house. Cc and Peace Girl go inside, but Tj stays out for a second.)

Tj: I sure will miss Y-Guy and his friends.

(He goes inside and closes the door)

(Fades out)


More coming soon!